Available today is the new version of the License Management App (LMA)! LMA 2.1 offers some new enhancements to help you as an partner know more about your customers. Two new features include:

  1. The partner can now know how many users in the customer org have been granted a license to their package. LMA 2.1 includes a new read-only custom field “Used Licenses” on the “License” object for this purpose. Note: Existing licenses will not have a value for this field after upgrading to LMA 2.1. Modifying a license and saving the record will populate this value. Contact support to have a batch utility run to update multiple existing licenses in your org.
  2. Via Apex, the partner can query whether or not the user in context has license to the package.

LMA is a Managed Package, so upgrading is a breeze. Just visit the AppExchange listing and click Get It Now. The installation wizard will install the latest version, while maintaining your data and customization.

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  • http://www.EGAFutura.com EGA Futura

    Thanks for the new version! We will install it now in our org. :) Juan Manuel Garrido.

  • Sim

    Is looks like it is not available yet. Received this message when trying to ‘get it now’:
    This package is not yet available. Please try again later or contact the package owner.

  • Sati Hillyer

    Please log a case with Salesforce support and post the case number.