PayPalX and PayPal will make an exciting announcement at PayPal’s developer conference, PayPal X Innovate 2009, held November 3 & 4 in San Francisco, CA. We invite you to hear all about it and also learn how to capitalize and leverage PayPal’s unique payment platform, PayPal X, to process simple and complex payment transactions.

PayPal is offering a special deal to developers. To take advantage of this promotion, you must register here and use the discount code SALESFORCE. The first 200 developers who sign up with this code will attend the conference for FREE.
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  • Jon Jessup

    Thanks Sati. The new PayPal platform definitely opens a lot of doors in both Salesforce CRM and
    Check out and share your thoughts, ideas, etc.

  • Jim Thompson

    There are many of us in the community (partners, developers) who would have loved to help participate in this process. We have been tirelessly proving out this concept for over a year now – too bad we were not invited to the table! Not great PRM if you ask me. Thanks for validating our hard work.

  • David Claiborne

    OK, it is now November 6th, and I have not been able to find any announcement anywhere. Is there going to be something? Or is it waiting for Dreamforce?

  • Keith Mancuso

    Ditto, would love to learn more about what the announcement was as we are currently looking to directly integrate paypal and

  • David Claiborne

    I talked to people at the Paypal booth at Dreamforce. They were surprised about this initial announcement. They are working on something, but not until January.