As you may have heard announced a new platform for enterprise collaboration called Chatter.  Most people have access to cooler, newer technologies in their homes compared to what they are forced to use at work – slower machines, restricted set of phones they can use and e-mail being the primary way to collaborate.  In terms of collaboration, the consumer web has moved much, much ahead – so much so that most high school and college students now primarily use facebook and other social media tools to communicate with each other.  What if the same collaboration paradigm is bought inside the enterprise keeping the same ease of communication while making it enterprise ready in terms of security, governance & extensibility?  What if the same tool / platform was not just for employees to interact with each other but also for enterprise application that proactively notified users about significant events in the business applications?  This would fundamentally change the way employees collaborate with each other and the way they leverage the data in their enterprise applications.  That is the promise and potential of Chatter – watch for more details in the days to come.

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