If you build it, will they come?

Great user experience takes time, but the rewards are worth it. Examples like TiVo, Google Maps, Mint.com and iPhone show the impact a great user experience can have on user adoption and how influential it can be to the industry. Killer apps change the game, and they start with a great user experience.

At Cloudforce 2010, Ian Swinson from our UE team and I spoke about the User Experience Best Practices at salesforce.com. For those of you who missed the session or are looking for a recap, here's a link to the presentation. The goal of the session was to… Continue┬áreading

Designing a Killer User Experience


User experience is more than the app, it's everything before, during and after. You want to be sure your app is compelling from the moment a prospect is introduced, to when your customer is using it everyday as part of their business.  Are you writing apps?  Do you want to know more about user experience?  Well I'll be co-presenting with Ian Swinson (our resident User Experience expert) on User Experience Best Practices: How to Build Force.com Apps Users Will Love. The goal for this session is to help you understand how salesforce.com approaches user experience and how you… Continue┬áreading

De-mystifying & optimizing view state

HTTP is a stateless protocol.  Your Visualforce pages though may need to maintain state across multiple HTTP requests / postbacks.  Visualforce automatically does this for you with view state making your job as a developer easier.  Find out more about what is in view state, the new view state inspector in Summer '10 and best practices for optimizing view state for page performance in this article … Continue┬áreading