Dreamforce Session Update


Just want to let you know of a quick session swap. Deep Dive With The New Platform Technology is being swapped with Designing Your Apps for Commercial Success. The new times are:

  • Deep Dive With The New Platform Technology is moving to Thursday, Nov. 19 at 2:45pm
  • Designing Your Apps for Commercial Success is moving to Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 2:15pm

Both sessions are still in Esplanade 305. Your Dreamforce Attendee Calendar has also been updated to reflect this change.

If you can't make these new times, don't worry. Both of these sessions will be recorded and live on DeveloperForce shortly after.… Continue reading

Attend Dreamforce Keynotes and Expo for FREE!


That's right, FREE! Take advantage of this special opportunity to attend the largest cloud computing event this year. Over 12,000 excited developers, partners and customers will come together at Moscone Center in San Francisco to learn about the future of cloud computing and listen to visionary keynotes from Marc Benioff and Colin Powell. This special promotion will grant you free access to the Dreamforce keynotes and Cloud Expo.

Registering for this promo is simple and fast.  Follow these 3-steps:

  1. Go to the Registration page here
  2. Enter your info and select “Keynote and Expo Pass” from the drop down menu under Attendee Type
  3. Finish

Do you want to learn more about Flash Builder for Force.com?

If like me you are excited about the recent announcement about the Rich Internet Applications (RIA) you can build with Force.com and Adobe's Flash builder you don't want to miss the tech talk tomorrow.  It is being delivered by Markus Spohn from salesforce.com and James Ward from Adobe.  Markus & James will be going over the details of this offerings – the architecture, the types of applications you can build along with a few demos and ofcourse answer all your questions.

If you haven't already registered – you can do so here .  See you tomorrow! … Continue reading

See what we unveil at PayPal X Innovate 2009

Salesforce.com and PayPal will make an exciting announcement at PayPal’s developer conference, PayPal X Innovate 2009, held November 3 & 4 in San Francisco, CA. We invite you to hear all about it and also learn how to capitalize and leverage PayPal’s unique payment platform, PayPal X, to process simple and complex payment transactions.
PayPal is offering a special deal to Force.com developers. To take advantage of this promotion, you must register here and use the discount code SALESFORCE. The first 200 developers who sign up with this code will attend the conference for FREE.

Quiz – how can you have 100% test coverage in Sandbox and 0% in production?

Answer – if your test suite is not self contained i.e. it depends on specific data in Sandbox.

I got a call from one of our customers today about not being able to deploy into their production org due to inadequate test coverage even though they were getting 100% coverage in their development sandbox.  Our support tracked it down to hard coded test methods.  If your test methods depend on specific data in an org and you move such a test method to a different org, it will fail.

Here is an example where the record Id is hardcoded…..

Introducing the Consultant Resource Center


We are excited to announce the Consultant Resource Center. Our consulting partner ecosystem is growing, spanning every geography
and vertical, actively searching for the right content for the right project.
To help you be more successful with salesforce.com projects and customers, we
have consolidated many valuable resources on this site. Our goal is to make
your life easier by providing you with timely and relevant technical content.

The Consultant Resource Center will help you find the best content on a particular topic and will also
function as a repository for tools you find useful when you are implementing
Salesforce products for your customer, such as requirement gathering… Continue reading

A hog in armour is still but a hog

There are two distinct approaches that the industry has taken towards platform as a service (PaaS).  The first approach is offering an integrated and vastly simplified programming model in the cloud.  This provides all the infrastructural benefits of Cloud Computing like multi-tenancy, automatic upgrades & elastic infrastructure PLUS it speeds up application development considerably.  Force.com is representative of this approach. I would also encourage you to checkout Mike Kreaden and Peter Coffee's blogs.  Mike relates Force.com to 4GL environment and Peter refers to three independent studies which quantify the productivity improvements of developing on Force.com – one study found a… Continue reading

Partitioning your data with Divisions for usability & performance

Data partitioning is a database technique commonly used to improve performance and manageability.  Salesforce provides a feature called Divisions that lets you partition your records into logical sections. As an example, you can divide your customer records based on their geographical location by creating divisions called US, EMEA and APAC.  The users in these regions can then be enabled to use these division. One of the benefits of doing so would be that division specific searches and division specific list views will provide them with data that is most relevant to them.  The other potential benefit is performance.  I was… Continue reading

Be the first to see the Winter ’10 Release


Winter '10 promises to bring some amazing new features to the Salesforce Cloud apps and Force.com platform. Join us in September for a back-to-back presentation of exciting new Winter '10 enhancements. The first presentation will highlight some of the upcoming innovation in Force.com. Immediately following will be the second presentation showcasing what's new in Salesforce CRM.

Visit the IdeaExchange to see a list of what's coming in Winter '10. Some of the top features you'll love are:

  • Batch Apex
  • Bulk API 
  • Quoting 
  • Packaging More Components 
  • Dynamic Campaign Viewing 
  • And Much More… 

The show starts at 10:00 AM PDT on Tuesday, September 15th. Register now to attend one or both… Continue reading

Your project on CruiseControl

Over time the software development community has developed several best practices to make the development process more predictable. Many of these best practices are relevant for Force.com development as well. The tools provided with Force.com make it fairly
easy to integrate these best practices into your development methodology. One such best practice is the idea of continuous integration – integrating the code developed by various developers on a regular basis vs. trying to cram it in before the release.  In this article I describe how you can use CruiseControl, an open source tool to automate continuous integration for your Force.com project. 

Let… Continue reading