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Design an Aloha App!

Today we announced Aloha Apps on the AppExchange. Aloha Apps have been given special permissions allowing:

  • Apps to run Apex Code in GE and PE
  • Apps to be immune to Custom Apps, Objects, and Tabs limits
  • Some of these apps will have the ability to leverage the Web Service API for PE and now GE

Do you have an idea and want to build an Aloha App that will work for GE and PE? If so, check out this article on Designing an Application for Group and Professional Edition. GE and PE do not support all the features found in DE, EE and UE… Continue reading

License Management App (LMA) 2.1 is now available!

Available today is the new version of the License Management App (LMA)! LMA 2.1 offers some new enhancements to help you as an partner know more about your customers. Two new features include:

  1. The partner can now know how many users in the customer org have been granted a license to their package. LMA 2.1 includes a new read-only custom field “Used Licenses” on the “License” object for this purpose. Note: Existing licenses will not have a value for this field after upgrading to LMA 2.1. Modifying a license and saving the record will populate this value. Contact support to have

Becoming the next salesforce.com

If you have commercial intent and your looking to build the next killer app on Force.com, then you're going to want to attend our next Tech Talk. Come join Andrew Smith, our Application Distribution PM discuss what's new with packaging.

With every release, our customers are seamlessly upgraded to the latest version without having to worry about their customizations breaking. The latest enhancements in packaging are going to let you offer this same type of experience to your customers. This means when you release a new version of your Force.com app, your customers can be confident functionality they've built on top of… Continue reading