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Setting up your Ruby on Rails environment for Force.com


Like many of you, I was excited about the announcement regarding Heroku at Dreamforce.  I wanted to learn more about Ruby and Heroku and what better way to learn a new programming language than to write and deploy an application.  Though I found the getting started article useful, it assumes you have a working environment.  This article shows you how you can easily setup a working environment on a windows machine. 

The Big Picture

Before we get started, it is useful to understand how the toolkit fits into the overall Ruby environment. Ruby is a programming language  and Rails is a web application framework.  The Force.com… Continue reading

Chatter and Event Driven Architecture (EDA)

One of the things that stuck me while watching the Chatter presentation and demo  was the asynchronous and event driven nature of the collaboration taking place.  As an example, any number of activities happening at your customer account – identification of a new opportunity, a project being completed, etc. can be treated as event that can be handled by the right people or system which in turn could trigger additional events and so on. 

Let us look at a few of the attributes of this style of interaction.

  • The entity(either a person or a system) triggering the event just broadcasts/publishes the event without any knowledge of who may be interested in that -

Quiz – how can you have 100% test coverage in Sandbox and 0% in production?

Answer – if your test suite is not self contained i.e. it depends on specific data in Sandbox.

I got a call from one of our customers today about not being able to deploy into their production org due to inadequate test coverage even though they were getting 100% coverage in their development sandbox.  Our support tracked it down to hard coded test methods.  If your test methods depend on specific data in an org and you move such a test method to a different org, it will fail.

Here is an example where the record Id is hardcoded…..

A hog in armour is still but a hog

There are two distinct approaches that the industry has taken towards platform as a service (PaaS).  The first approach is offering an integrated and vastly simplified programming model in the cloud.  This provides all the infrastructural benefits of Cloud Computing like multi-tenancy, automatic upgrades & elastic infrastructure PLUS it speeds up application development considerably.  Force.com is representative of this approach. I would also encourage you to checkout Mike Kreaden and Peter Coffee's blogs.  Mike relates Force.com to 4GL environment and Peter refers to three independent studies which quantify the productivity improvements of developing on Force.com – one study found a… Continue reading