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Chatter – this changes everything!

As you may have heard salesforce.com announced a new platform for enterprise collaboration called Chatter.  Most people have access to cooler, newer technologies in their homes compared to what they are forced to use at work – slower machines, restricted set of phones they can use and e-mail being the primary way to collaborate.  In terms of collaboration, the consumer web has moved much, much ahead – so much so that most high school and college students now primarily use facebook and other social media tools to communicate with each other.  What if the same collaboration paradigm is bought inside the enterprise keeping the… Continue reading

Adobe Flex and some great coffee

Flex enables you to make your applications visually compelling by incorporating animation and rich media into your user interface.  If you are here at Dreamforce, I would strongly encourage you to stop by the Stratus Cafe where you will get a chance to see some really cool applications – the range of things you can do with your UI is truly amazing.  And as an added bonus, they have a Batista brewing some strong coffee – so you can get your caffeine fix as well.

I am co-presenting two sessions around bringing Force.com and Flex together for your applications.  The… Continue reading

Do you want to learn more about Flash Builder for Force.com?

If like me you are excited about the recent announcement about the Rich Internet Applications (RIA) you can build with Force.com and Adobe's Flash builder you don't want to miss the tech talk tomorrow.  It is being delivered by Markus Spohn from salesforce.com and James Ward from Adobe.  Markus & James will be going over the details of this offerings – the architecture, the types of applications you can build along with a few demos and ofcourse answer all your questions.

If you haven't already registered – you can do so here .  See you tomorrow! … Continue reading

Introducing the Consultant Resource Center


We are excited to announce the Consultant Resource Center. Our consulting partner ecosystem is growing, spanning every geography
and vertical, actively searching for the right content for the right project.
To help you be more successful with salesforce.com projects and customers, we
have consolidated many valuable resources on this site. Our goal is to make
your life easier by providing you with timely and relevant technical content.

The Consultant Resource Center will help you find the best content on a particular topic and will also
function as a repository for tools you find useful when you are implementing
Salesforce products for your customer, such as requirement gathering… Continue reading

Give a little, Gain a lot


One of the reasons I joined salesforce.com was because of their amazing philanthropic model. Salesforce.com encourages us to donate 1% of our working time to the community. In fact, salesforce.com even created an internal app to help employees find the perfect activity. I'm happy to announce we released a new and improved version of our volunteer management app, available for free on the AppExchange.

Introducing Volunteerforce! With Volunteerforce, you can start managing your company's volunteering impact. Some of the features include:

  • Quickly enter volunteer organizations and activities
  • Provide your employees with a customizable search page to find the perfect event
  • Mass sign-up employees to

An Introduction to Environments

There are several types of environments available to you while
developing and testing on Force.com. This article provides an outline
of these environments. It will discuss the various editions, best
practices and design considerations, and recommend particular
environments during the application life-cycle. The goal is to arm you
with the necessary environments for success.

Happy Building!… Continue reading

The power of Ideas

A few weeks ago I was in Bangalore, India.  Bangalore has many well stocked book stores and alongside these large shops are dozens of roadside booksellers who hawk new, old and bootlegged copies of popular Indian, British and American books. The "display shelf" is part of the sidewalk on which they spread their wares, the rest of the inventory is in boxes. Many of these booksellers are barely literate, but their grasp of their customers reading preferences is amazing.  Pick up a book on a topic and he will dive into one of the boxes to show you books on similar… Continue reading

Cloud computing in Pi minutes


As a Force.com developer, you already understand the value and power of the cloud. But do you often find yourself trying to explain these benefits to others? Be it a fellow employee, manager or friend, there are
still many people out there unfamiliar with cloud computing. To help clarify, salesforce.com recently put together an informative and entertaining video about cloud computing (approximately ? minutes long).

Check it out and share with others, so we can start educating more on the subject. Click here to learn more.… Continue reading

The New and Improved AppExchange – Coming Soon!


The Force.com AppExchange is getting a face-lift and you can catch a sneak peek by reviewing The New AppExchange webinar presented earlier this week.

For any of you developers and partners out there looking to grow your business on the AppExchange, be sure to take a look at what's to come. Some killer features include:

  • Intuitive Look and Feel - smarter search and cleaner interface for better experience
  • Improved Categorization – promote your listing in more places for better visibility
  • Streamlined Publishing – prepare and publish your listings faster
  • Enhanced Customer Reviews – interact with your customer comments
  • Increased Collateral - do more with your

If YOU build it, WE will come…


The Force.com Discussion Boards are a wealth of knowledge, full of tips, tricks and goodies from the growing Force.com community. We are delighted to see it constantly monitored with contributions from all types of customers, developers and partners.

Last Friday, I noticed this slick tool that allows you to search the entire Developer Force site from the convenience of your Firefox/IE Search Bar:

We love seeing this stuff and want to see more! In fact, we'll even send you a nice little gift. Curious what that might be? Then keep the innovation coming!

Thanks scrappydog!! Keep up the great work, all of… Continue reading