Visualforce Developer’s Guide Enhancements for Summer ’09

You asked and we listened — after hearing that you wanted improvements to the Visualforce guide, we delivered with the Summer '09 release!

  • The component reference now includes robust samples for every standard component, providing more information, more functionality, and examples with more complexity.
  • The guide now includes more details about the framework behind Visualforce, including lifecycle information about when objects and components are created and destroyed, and when methods and expressions are evaluated.

In addition, we also incorporated tons of new best practices in the Visualforce Developer's Guide, including the following new chapters:

  • Integrating Email with Visualforce
    Information on sending email with Visualforce and using Visualforce email templates
  • Templating with Visualforce
    Strategies for creating markup that can be reused in multiple Visualforce pages
  • Developing for Mobile Devices
    Information on creating Visualforce pages that can be displayed on iPhone and Blackberry devices
  • Best Practices
    Tips on adding custom help to your apps with static resources, enforcing sharing rules in custom controllers, using facets in dataTable and actionStatus components, and adding extra components to pageBlockSectionItem
  • Glossary
    Definitions for all of the unique terms used in the Visualforce Developer's Guide

If you like what you see or have an idea for other improvements, send us feedback at the bottom of any topic in the online version of the guide, or email us directly at

Other Visualforce questions? Check out additional Visualforce resources and/or visit the Visualforce discussion board.

June 10, 2009

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Visualforce Developer’s Guide Enhancements for Summer ’09