Announcing the All New Workbook!

This week Dreamforce attendees who visit the Zone will receive a free copy of the brand new Workbook, a set of ten thirty-minute tutorials that introduce the Platform to admins and new developers.

These tutorials take you step-by-step through the creation of a custom inventory application for a book warehouse, culminating in the creation of a public Web store front (using Sites) and a stand-alone desktop application using Adobe Flash Builder for! The complete list of tutorials includes:

  • Creating a Warehouse Application
  • Adding Relationships
  • Using Formulas and Validation Rules
  • Using Workflow and Approvals
  • Adding Business Logic with Apex
  • Adding Tests to Your Application
  • Building a Custom User Interface with Visualforce
  • Creating a Public Web Page with Sites
  • Creating a Desktop App with Adobe Flash Builder for

It's the perfect starting point for new admins or developers who're interested in building a custom app using

Those of you who can't visit the Dev Zone this week can also access the Workbook online at

November 18, 2009

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Announcing the All New Workbook!