Get Started with Streaming API – Quick!

Are you starting to work with the Streaming API or perhaps thinking about it? If you want to quickly understand how it works and see it in action, there’s now a quick start available to step you through it.

The quick start is part of the Streaming API Developer’s Guide and can be found here: HTML | PDF.

And don’t forget, the Streaming API – along with all the other APIs – is available on both and platforms. For more information about the Streaming API, go to

 Note: The Streaming API is currently in pilot. To enable it for your organization, contact

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  • Anonymous

    I have 1 task can you please Guide me complete the task.
    1) Create a PDF fillable form( Completed)

    2) Add a Submit button to the form – when clicked, it should perform 2 tasks:

    + Update a record in Salesforce (Please guide me how can I communicate my form with Salesforce)
    + Attach the PDF as a flat file in Salesforce

    3) Create an HTML page (Done)

    4) Embed the PDF to the page using an or (Done)