Spring ’12 Preview Release Notes – It may be cold and blustery outside, but Spring is coming!

Oh boy, they’re here!  The Salesforce.com Spring ’12 Preview Release Notes!

The Documentation team has been feverishly working on these over the past several weeks, and we think you’ll be pretty excited about the features coming up.  We certainly are!

One of the first things you may notice when you open the Spring ’12 Preview Release Notes is the new Release Notes Change Log. We heard your frustration in Winter ’12 about not knowing what had changed from one version of the release notes to the next. Now, right up front after the “About the Release Notes” section, you’ll find a table that shows what new content was added and when, with the most recent updates at the top.

There are so many great features and enhancements in Spring ’12—way too many to list here.  I’ll leave it to you to discover them on your own…

Salesforce.com Spring ’12 Preview Release Notes

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  • Can we get anymore information about Google Adwords and Self Service Portal being “Not Available” in new orgs? Does that mean not every available again or just needs to be asked for? The current release notes are not very clear.

  • Jason – I did some asking around and it looks like both products are no longer available for new orgs, but will continue to be supported for those orgs who already have them. New orgs are encouraged to take advantage of the Partner Portal or Customer Service Portal features in place of SSP going forward.