Watch and Learn: New Videos for Summer ’12 | Salesforce Developers Blog

If you learn better by watching than by reading, check out some of our great new videos for Summer ’12!

Using Cross Filters in Salesforce Reports
Narrow down a report to find just the records that you need. Cross filters let you fine-tune your results by including or excluding records from related objects, without having to write formulas or code.

Using the Developer Console to Edit, Execute, and Debug Apex Classes
Learn how to use the Developer Console to build and troubleshoot on the platform. Watch as we use the Developer Console to open and navigate through Apex classes, execute Apex code to connect to a Web service, examine the Performance Tree in the debug log to verify code performance, and generate and examine a heap dump to verify the response from the Web service.

Introducing Chatter Messenger
Chatter Messenger is Generally Available in Summer ’12! Chat with your coworkers without having to leave your desk or pick up the phone. Chat with one colleague or several, and add favorites to your chat list. You can even minimize Salesforce and leave the chat window open so you can work on your other projects. Chatter Messenger brings the conversation to you!

Sharing Files in Chatter
Sharing files has never been easier. Learn how to upload and share files at one time, share files with a Chatter message, perform actions from file hovers, and share files with anyone inside or outside of your company by sending them a secure link.

How Do I Set Up Clean?
Administrators, watch and learn how to set up and maintain Clean. You’ll find out about the clean features available with the Corporate and Premium products, plus the additional features available with the Clean product.

Using the Industry Selector
Learn how to use the Industry Selector to navigate easily through extensive industry lists and add industry criteria to your search for accounts or contacts.

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