If you’re a Salesforce platform developer, you’ve probably seen our developer guides, tip sheets, cheat sheets and other doc available on Developerforce. But there’s also developer documentation available in the online help, that is, the help available from within the application. Previously, the only way you could access that online help was by logging in to the application.

But not any more! Now you can view the product online help from here–without logging in! If you’re looking for a particular topic or if you’re not a current customer and want to check out the online help, now you can.

To see all the available help resources (without logging in), just go to http://help.salesforce.com.

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  • Chirag Mehta

    Easy to share link with new customers and other CRM users, to promote salesforce. Thank you Salesforce!

  • Dianne Siebold

    Thanks for the feedback!