Developer docs for the upcoming Spring ’13 release are now available for preview.

The Tooling API Developer’s Guide describes new SOAP and REST interfaces that allow you to build custom development tools for applications. Using Tooling API, you can:

  • Add features and functionality to your existing development tools.
  • Build dynamic modules for development into your enterprise integration tools.
  • Build specialized development tools for a specific application or service.

You can find all the preview developer docs on the Documentation page under “Preview: Reference Documentation, PREVIEW Spring ’13 (Version 27.0)”.

Documentation page

To see the preview release notes, click here (PDF).
Spring 13 release
Stay tuned for more announcements, and don’t forget to register for the Spring ’13 Release Developer Preview webinar on January 30, 2013 to get an overview of the key features you shouldn’t miss.

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  • Oxene

    The layout of the documentation page is very helpful, but it sometimes makes searching for docs difficult. It would have been nice if there had been an Expand All link to expand all the tree nodes. This would enable faster searching.

    • Jennifer Shipman

      I agree – we are working on improving the functionality of the documentation pages. Thanks for your feedback!