Monitoring Your Deployments in Salesforce Just Got Easier!

  • I have used this new interface for monitoring the Metadata API-based deployments in Salesforce for my one client. Actually the client had some problems about his API security so that I used this interface.

  • Daymel Marrero

    Where I can find this new interface for monitoring the Metadata API-based deployments?

  • sherod

    This is a fantastic improvement, thanks guys.

  • ☁ Vamsi Krishna ☁

    am I reading this right ? this new page is not available for change sets ??

    “Note that this page shows deployments started via the deploy() metadata
    API, which includes IDE, Migration Tool, but not change sets.”

  • ram_sj

    cool! finally something more interactive to tell us whats happening.

  • coops10

    This would be fantastic if it worked with change sets too… We frequently have change sets that take 3+ hours to run and then fail. We are totally in the dark until the 3h’s is up with no way to see if its going to succeed or if errors have occurred. This makes deployments highly frustrating and consume massive amounts of time

    • Roger Wicki

      For me the change sets did actually work that way…

      • coops10

        Yes you’re right. As I started using this feature I noticed it too. Also great that you can see some tests have failed and cancel the deployment straight away. Saves hours and hours of time!

  • Roger Wicki

    Hmmm, I must be doing something wrong…

    Nice UI it is though.

    • Adam Gill

      We get this too – pretty much every change set. Until the deployment completes, and then goes back to ‘deployed components’ / ‘number of comp in change set’

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