Salesforce1 Developer Guide Now Available

With Salesforce1, if you’re a Salesforce developer, you’re now also a mobile developer. To help you on your journey of Salesforce1 development, check out the Salesforce1 App Developer Guide, now available online. Continue reading

Summer ’13 Platform Training Released

The release training for Summer ’13 is now available. Now’s your chance to find out about all the new platform features in this release. Continue reading

Ask the PM – What is Canvas Versioning?


Learn about versioning of the Canvas SDK from this Q&A with the feature PM. Continue reading

Ask the PM – What is Canvas?

Take an inside look at Canvas with this Q&A discussion. Find out what the feature is, what you can do with it and how it works. Continue reading

New Salesforce Integration Doc

New integrations patterns and best practices documentation helps you decide which integration technologies to use for your particular scenario. Continue reading

Security Without the Blanket Security Workbook

The Security Workbook is a hands-on guide to the Salesforce platform’s least-privilege, user-centric security model. It explains the various policies, rules, and grouping mechanisms that control login and access controls. Continue reading

Platform Developer Help – No Login Required

If you’re a Salesforce platform developer, you’ve probably seen our developer guides, tip sheets, cheat sheets and other doc available on Developerforce. But there’s also developer documentation available in the online help, that is, the help available from within the application. Previously, the only way you could access that online help was by logging in to the application.

But not any more! Now you can view the product online help from here–without logging in! If you’re looking for a particular topic or if you’re not a current customer and want to check out the online help, now you can… Continue reading

Thinking Salesforce? Think Integration!

If you’re thinking about implementing Salesforce (or even if you’re a relatively new implementation) one important thing to consider is the strength of our integration tools.

It’s almost guaranteed that when you implement Salesforce, you’ll have some need to integrate it with other systems. This could be a requirement for data updates that happen behind the scenes. Or perhaps you have a data warehouse in which you want to store Salesforce data. It could be that user interface integration is what you need such that when someone updates an opportunity record, users are automatically notified as they’re working in… Continue reading

We’ve Got (Known) Issues!

Have you come across something in your development that isn’t working the way you expected? Or maybe you see an unusual behavior when calling a SOQL function? Before you call support, you can now check to see if it’s already a known issue by going to the Known Issues site.

Known issues are posted by our customer support team. To make it easy to get updates, I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed so you get notified automatically when an issue is added or updated.

You’ll find each issue tagged with terms like API, Apex, Visualforce, and… Continue reading

Three Streaming API Techniques

Streaming API is a great tool for data integration that requires notifications triggered by data changes in your organization. But sometimes, no matter how great a technology is, there may be scenarios that it doesn’t directly address. In this blog post, I’ll talk about some of these scenarios and propose techniques that you can use to address them with Streaming API.

Set the Order of Event Notifications

Changes to data in your organization happen in a sequential manner. But in Streaming API, the order in which you receive event notification messages isn’t guaranteed. So a frequent question that developers ask… Continue reading