New Data Import Wizard — Now in Pilot

Success with the Import Wizar

The new Data Import Wizard combines previously separate import wizards into a streamlined, unified, and easy-to-use wizard. Continue reading Timesavers: Reusable Custom Widgets

Time equals money

The new widgets feature in, available in Summer ’13, uses a build-once-then-reuse approach to save you time when building your website. By combining existing page elements, such as panels, content blocks, custom code, and data repeaters, you can build widgets—in essence, your own custom page elements—to suit your unique requirements. And just like any other page element, you can reuse custom widgets on any site page or page template in your site. Continue reading

Refreshing Visualforce Charts with Updated Data

Visualforce Pie Chart

Visualforce charting is one of the most popular features added to Visualforce while I’ve been writing documentation for the product, and JavaScript Remoting is one of the most powerful. Perhaps you’ve wondered how to combine the two. This article shows you how, with a complete source code sample that compares “traditional” Visualforce charting with the same chart implemented using JavaScript Remoting. Continue reading

How to Display Two Chatter Feeds on a Visualforce Page

Two Chatter group feeds on one page

Use Chatter in Apex to build custom UI in Salesforce. Watch a video that walks you through creating an Apex controller, a Visualforce component, and a Visualforce page that displays two Chatter feeds side by side. It’s a very simple example to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Or, you can build the double Chatter feeds in a Quick Start in the Apex Developer’s Guide. Continue reading

New Formula Tip Sheet – Reduce Your Formula Size!


Ever created a formula you were happy with, only to have it run up against the formula size limits? Did it have too many characters, or was its compile size too big?

If you need help streamlining your formulas, we’re pleased to announce our newest tip sheet for Summer ’13:

Tips for Reducing Formula Size

Inside, you’ll find tips and tricks for slimming down your formulas, both in number of characters and compile size, as well as example code, including:

  • how to minimize the number of references to other formula fields
  • how to minimize

Our Award Winning Documentation and Videos

The San Francisco Bay Area is the world’s epicenter of high tech innovation, and works tirelessly to match and surpass the high standards set by the industry. So we were thrilled when the Society for Technical Communication acknowledged our quality work at the 2012 Touchstone Awards, covering documentation and videos created in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • EXCELLENCE Award: The Salesforce Platform Mobile Services Developer Guide breaks down the various components of our mobile platform, from authentication to integrating native device features with HTML5 driven applications, allowing developers to create smartphone and tablet friendly applications that

Developer Console Logging – Poetry in Motion

Developer Console - Log Inspector - Debug Only

Have you heard that logging is repetitive or indecipherable? At first glance, logging might be intimidating, but thanks to the Developer Console Log Inspector, you can turn even the longest logs into poetry – or whatever you want.

This post shows how to use the Developer Console Log Inspector (Summer ’13) to view and filter logs, and includes a simple example. Please share your own poetry!

In the Developer Console, click Debug > Open Execute Anonymous Window (or Ctrl/E) and enter the following Apex code:

List<String> characters = new List<String>{‘child’, ‘little white dog’, ‘little green frog’, ‘butterfly’}… Continue reading

Sandboxes Add Templates and New Look

Sandboxes are easier to use and more flexible with the introduction of sandbox templates and an improved user interface. Use sandbox templates for precise control while coordinating, testing and deploying customizations to your production organization. Continue reading

Summer ’13 Platform Training Released

The release training for Summer ’13 is now available. Now’s your chance to find out about all the new platform features in this release. Continue reading