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Introducing State and Country Picklists in Spring ’13


One of our top feature requests is available in Spring ’13 as a beta release: state and country picklists. Now you can pick a country or state from a pop-up list of options, rather than manually type the country or state into a text field. Continue reading

Winter ’13 Preview Release Notes – Winter is coming!

Winter is Coming

You’ve been waiting all summer, so patiently. And now, the wait is over.

The preview release notes are here, and they are chock full of great new features.

Here’s a small sampling:

Polls in Chatter
Starting in Winter ‘13, you can create a poll in your feed. Polls are a great way to get people’s opinions or gather data by providing a list of choices.
This enhancement is from an idea on the IdeaExchange.

Forecasting Custom Report Types
Administrators can now create forecasting custom report types for their users with Analytics for Collaborative Forecasts.


New and Updated Developer Documentation for Summer ’12

For your reading pleasure, we’ve updated the developer documentation on developer.salesforce.com and database.com. It reflects the new Summer ’12 Salesforce release (API version 25.0). In addition, there are some new docs you might want to check out.

  • The Open CTI Developer’s Guide is now available. This guide describes how to use Open CTI to build computer-telephony integration systems that integrate with Salesforce.
  • Customizing Case Feed with Visualforce is now available. This guide describes how to customize Case Feed with Visualforce components.
  • The REST Metadata API Developer Guide is now available. This guide describes the Metadata REST

Spring ’12 Preview Release Notes – It may be cold and blustery outside, but Spring is coming!

Oh boy, they’re here!  The Salesforce.com Spring ’12 Preview Release Notes!

The Documentation team has been feverishly working on these over the past several weeks, and we think you’ll be pretty excited about the features coming up.  We certainly are!

One of the first things you may notice when you open the Spring ’12 Preview Release Notes is the new Release Notes Change Log. We heard your frustration in Winter ’12 about not knowing what had changed from one version of the release notes to the next. Now, right up front after the “About the Release Notes” section… Continue reading

Would You Like to Play a Game?

The Platform Team–writers covering the Force.com platform and all of our developer technologies–is hard at work on the next generation of our developer documentation web site. We want to knock your socks off, and to that end, we’re doing hands-on research in the Developer Zone all Dreamforce long.

We’ve put together a little exercise that we think you’ll find fun, and that will help us to organize the large-and-growing-fast collection of documentation for the platform. If you’re a Force.com developer, partner, integrator, or anyone that uses the developer documentation, you can help us out. It takes just five minutes… Continue reading

The Doc Team at Dreamforce

Documentation and User Assistance–the Doc Team for short–will be out in force numbers at Dreamforce this year. We would love to talk to you about, well, anything, but especially about how we can create the right kinds of user assistance to help you be successful, faster. Did you notice something missing recently? Do you have an idea for a cool video? Is there a section you’d like to see improved, or a subject expanded upon? We would love any and all suggestions. And here’s a promise: If you give a Doc Team member a printout marked up in red ink… Continue reading

Announcing the Latest Release of Force.com Fundamentals!


Three years ago we released the first edition of Force.com Fundamentals, the quintessential introduction to building apps with the point-and-click features of the Force.com platform.

This year, author Chris McGuire has done it again — the latest edition includes more features and functionality than ever before, including a newly expanded final chapter that shows how even non-programmers can use Visualforce and sites to create richer, more powerful functionality in their applications.

Other newly incorporated features include:

  • The enhanced page layout editor
  • The approval process visualizer
  • The Modify All Records and View All Records permissions
  • Delegated admin groups
  • Platform Edition

Anyone can access Force.com Fundamentals online, or Developer… Continue reading

Announcing the Latest Release of the Force.com Cookbook!


This week's Dreamforce marks the release of the latest edition of the Force.com Cookbook! This compilation of code samples shows you how to extend your Force.com apps using workflow, approvals, Apex, Visualforce, the API, email, and Sites.

In addition to updates of last year's recipes, look for these new additions to the guide:

  • Updating a Field on a Parent Record
  • Creating Custom Help
  • Redirecting to a Standard Object List Page
  • Referencing an Existing Page
  • Defining Skeleton Visualforce Templates
  • Using Batch Apex to Reassign Account Owners
  • Using Custom Settings to Display Data
  • Integrating Visualforce and Google Charts
  • Creating a Sitemap File
  • Creating a Web-to-Lead Form for Your Force.com Site
  • Implementing Single

Announcing the All New Force.com Workbook!


This week Dreamforce attendees who visit the Force.com Zone will receive a free copy of the brand new Force.com Workbook, a set of ten thirty-minute tutorials that introduce the Force.com Platform to admins and new Force.com developers.

These tutorials take you step-by-step through the creation of a custom inventory application for a book warehouse, culminating in the creation of a public Web store front (using Force.com Sites) and a stand-alone desktop application using Adobe Flash Builder for Force.com! The complete list of tutorials includes:

  • Creating a Warehouse Application
  • Adding Relationships
  • Using Formulas and Validation Rules
  • Using Workflow and Approvals
  • Adding Business Logic with Apex
  • Adding

Intro to Apex Code Webinar

Join us on on Monday, April 6 at 10 am PDT as we kick off the new Force.com Tech Talk Series with an Introduction to Apex Code:

The Force.com Tech Talk Series of webinars cover introductory and advanced Force.com platform topics. The introductory webinars assume that you are new to the Force.com platform, while the advanced webinars assume that you already have some experience on the platform. This webinar introduces the Apex programming language used on the Force.com platform, covering its syntax, database and web service support, as well as testing and code coverage.

Nick Simha and… Continue reading