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Pushing the Limits with Streaming API in Spring ’14

The Streaming API is a great way to provide notifications to clients (such as mobile clients) about changes to your organization. Dan presents some of the new features introduced in Spring ’14 including new limits and improved performance for polling notifications. Continue reading

Stretch Your Apps with Flexible Salesforce API Limits – Now in Pilot

We’re working on making our Force.com Platform limits more flexible to support spikes in API requests. The pilot Flexible API Limits feature allows your organization to exceed its API request limit up to 50 percent above your normal limits within the
limit timeframe (typically 24 hours). Continue reading

How to Display Two Chatter Feeds on a Visualforce Page

Two Chatter group feeds on one page

Use Chatter in Apex to build custom UI in Salesforce. Watch a video that walks you through creating an Apex controller, a Visualforce component, and a Visualforce page that displays two Chatter feeds side by side. It’s a very simple example to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Or, you can build the double Chatter feeds in a Quick Start in the Apex Developer’s Guide. Continue reading

Preview the Spring ’13 Developer Docs

Spring 13 release

Spring ’13 is on its way! Check out the Developer docs and release notes for the upcoming Spring ’13 release. Continue reading

How to Load Data into Salesforce? Let Me Count the Ways.

Loading Data into Salesforce Options

We have several different tools to help you load data into and out of Salesforce, and we know it’s easy to get confused. In Winter ’13, you can see a comparison of all these tools in one place. You’ll find information about each tool, which editions support it, how many records you can import or export, and more! Continue reading

Thinking Salesforce? Think Integration!

If you’re thinking about implementing Salesforce (or even if you’re a relatively new implementation) one important thing to consider is the strength of our integration tools.

It’s almost guaranteed that when you implement Salesforce, you’ll have some need to integrate it with other systems. This could be a requirement for data updates that happen behind the scenes. Or perhaps you have a data warehouse in which you want to store Salesforce data. It could be that user interface integration is what you need such that when someone updates an opportunity record, users are automatically notified as they’re working in… Continue reading

New and Updated Developer Documentation for Summer ’12

For your reading pleasure, we’ve updated the developer documentation on developer.salesforce.com and database.com. It reflects the new Summer ’12 Salesforce release (API version 25.0). In addition, there are some new docs you might want to check out.

  • The Open CTI Developer’s Guide is now available. This guide describes how to use Open CTI to build computer-telephony integration systems that integrate with Salesforce.
  • Customizing Case Feed with Visualforce is now available. This guide describes how to customize Case Feed with Visualforce components.
  • The REST Metadata API Developer Guide is now available. This guide describes the Metadata REST

Spring ’12 – Top 10 Developer Features

The Spring ’12 release is here, and if you’re a developer, you’re probably asking “what’s in it for me?” The answer is, plenty. Here, in no particular order, is my take on the top 10 features for developers.

  1. SOQL OFFSET (Developer Preview) – This is a new clause on the SOQL SELECT statement that lets you “skip” rows in the returned record set. You can use OFFSET together with LIMIT to break up returned data into blocks of records. Note that OFFSET is applied to the result set returned at the time of the query. There’s no server-side

Get Started with Streaming API – Quick!

Are you starting to work with the Force.com Streaming API or perhaps thinking about it? If you want to quickly understand how it works and see it in action, there’s now a quick start available to step you through it.

The quick start is part of the Streaming API Developer’s Guide and can be found here: HTML | PDF.

And don’t forget, the Streaming API – along with all the other APIs – is available on both Force.com and Database.com platforms. For more information about the Streaming API, go to http://developer.force.com/streaming_api… Continue reading