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Group Mentions in Chatter

Group Mentions

With Winter ‘14, we’re pleased to deliver a popular feature request for Chatter: group mentions! Just as you can mention users with the “@” symbol, you can now mention groups to bring a set of people into your thread. In this article, we discuss some of the subtleties of group mentions when privacy controls are in place. Continue reading

Watch and Learn: New Videos for Summer ’13


The Doc team’s video makers put out an astonishing 13 new videos for Summer ’13!  Enjoy!

Forecast Accurately with Collaborative Forecasts
Find out how to maneuver around Collaborative Forecasts so that you can reach your sales goals.

Chatter in Apex
Learn how to create a custom user interface that displays two Chatter feeds side by side in Salesforce. In this demo, you’ll use Chatter in Apex to get the news feeds of the communities that are live in a Salesforce organization. You’ll also build a Visualforce component and a Visualforce page to display the feeds. Get the source… Continue reading

How to Display Two Chatter Feeds on a Visualforce Page

Two Chatter group feeds on one page

Use Chatter in Apex to build custom UI in Salesforce. Watch a video that walks you through creating an Apex controller, a Visualforce component, and a Visualforce page that displays two Chatter feeds side by side. It’s a very simple example to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Or, you can build the double Chatter feeds in a Quick Start in the Apex Developer’s Guide. Continue reading

The Spring ’13 Preview Release Notes Are Out!

Spring is here!

The weather outside is frightful, but Spring is right around the corner. Spring ’13, that is.

Here are just a few things we’ll be delivering in this release.

User-Focused Help
We broke up the huge 4000+ page “How to be Successful with Salesforce” user guide into 14 new downloadable guides, divided by role, Salesforce product area, and experience level. Now  you can download only the guides that are relevant to you.  The new guides include “Salesforce Basics” for new users, “Set Up and Maintain Your Salesforce Organization” for administrators, “Collaborate with Everyone” for Chatter users, “Enhance Salesforce with… Continue reading

Watch and Learn: New Videos for Winter ’13

Making Your Reports Run Faster

Check out these seven new videos, created specifically for the Salesforce Winter ’13 release. Learn tips and tricks for working in Chatter, Visual Workflow, reporting, and more! Continue reading

Watch and Learn: New Videos for Summer ’12

If you learn better by watching than by reading, check out some of our great new videos for Summer ’12!

Using Cross Filters in Salesforce Reports
Narrow down a report to find just the records that you need. Cross filters let you fine-tune your results by including or excluding records from related objects, without having to write formulas or code.

Using the Developer Console to Edit, Execute, and Debug Apex Classes
Learn how to use the Developer Console to build and troubleshoot on the Force.com platform. Watch as we use the Developer Console to open and navigate through… Continue reading

Spring ’12 – Top 10 Developer Features

The Spring ’12 release is here, and if you’re a developer, you’re probably asking “what’s in it for me?” The answer is, plenty. Here, in no particular order, is my take on the top 10 features for developers.

  1. SOQL OFFSET (Developer Preview) – This is a new clause on the SOQL SELECT statement that lets you “skip” rows in the returned record set. You can use OFFSET together with LIMIT to break up returned data into blocks of records. Note that OFFSET is applied to the result set returned at the time of the query. There’s no server-side

Workbooks at Dreamforce – Come, Play, Learn.

It’s Dreamforce week!  If you’re one of the many planning to spend some time in the Developer Zone, be sure to take advantage of the great workbooks we’ve printed up just for you.

Our workbooks are designed to take you through a feature step-by-step in tutorial style.  No prior experience with the feature is necessary.

Come on over to the Dev Zone, grab a workbook, and spend some time at a station walking through the exercises. Sit down, play around, and learn a new feature! You’ll see some familiar titles and some that are totally new this year… Continue reading