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Get Started with Salesforce Identity

Get Started with Salesforce Identity Features

Learn how Salesforce Identity features fit together to provide coordinated user authorization management and access to third party apps. Start using My Domain, connected apps, and the App Launcher together for a streamlined user experience. And, find out more about other features like Identity Connect for Active Directory user synchronization, custom login pages, two-factor authentication, mobile apps, and reporting. Continue reading

User Sharing: Control Who Sees Who in Your Organization

User Sharing offers more control over who can see and collaborate with each other among your internal and external users. With Winter ’14 all new organizations have User Sharing enabled. Learn more. Continue reading

Watch and Learn: New Videos for Summer ’13


The Doc team’s video makers put out an astonishing 13 new videos for Summer ’13!  Enjoy!

Forecast Accurately with Collaborative Forecasts
Find out how to maneuver around Collaborative Forecasts so that you can reach your sales goals.

Chatter in Apex
Learn how to create a custom user interface that displays two Chatter feeds side by side in Salesforce. In this demo, you’ll use Chatter in Apex to get the news feeds of the communities that are live in a Salesforce organization. You’ll also build a Visualforce component and a Visualforce page to display the feeds. Get the source… Continue reading

New Data Import Wizard — Now in Pilot

Success with the Import Wizar

The new Data Import Wizard combines previously separate import wizards into a streamlined, unified, and easy-to-use wizard. Continue reading

Sandboxes Add Templates and New Look

Sandboxes are easier to use and more flexible with the introduction of sandbox templates and an improved user interface. Use sandbox templates for precise control while coordinating, testing and deploying customizations to your production organization. Continue reading

Summer ’13 Platform Training Released

The release training for Summer ’13 is now available. Now’s your chance to find out about all the new platform features in this release. Continue reading

Let’s Be Clear: Workflow Rule Evaluation Criteria

Screenshot of the Evaluation Criteria area of the UI.

We know that workflow rule evaluation criteria can be confusing. So, in Winter ’13, we simplified the text and reordered the options to show the simplest one first, and the most complex one last.  NOTE: The default setting hasn’t changed, but it’s now the last option in the list.

However, based on customer feedback on those changes, we changed the text again in Winter ’13 to be more descriptive. We also added the “How do I choose?” link back in, but it now points to a more relevant help topic.

Old Text:

Interim Text:

We’ve Got (Known) Issues!

Have you come across something in your Force.com development that isn’t working the way you expected? Or maybe you see an unusual behavior when calling a SOQL function? Before you call support, you can now check to see if it’s already a known issue by going to the Known Issues site.

Known issues are posted by our customer support team. To make it easy to get updates, I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed so you get notified automatically when an issue is added or updated.

You’ll find each issue tagged with terms like API, Apex, Visualforce, and… Continue reading

New Object Reference in Winter ’12 Release

This week’s post comes to you courtesy of Mysti Berry, Principal Technical Writer on the Platform Doc team.

Tired of plowing through the SOAP API Developer’s Guide just to find the information you need about objects and fields? Or maybe you didn’t even know it was there. Now you can find this information easily in the Object Reference.

In the new guide, you’ll find:

  • ERD diagrams
  • Standard object reference pages, including each field
  • Custom object reference information
  • Datatypes summary


Preview it now—what do you think?… Continue reading