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Stretch Your Apps with Flexible Salesforce API Limits – Now in Pilot

We’re working on making our Force.com Platform limits more flexible to support spikes in API requests. The pilot Flexible API Limits feature allows your organization to exceed its API request limit up to 50 percent above your normal limits within the
limit timeframe (typically 24 hours). Continue reading

Open CTI—Say Goodbye to CTI Adapters


The latest  computer-telephony integration (CTI) offering from Salesforce is Open CTI.  It differs dramatically from previous Salesforce CTI offerings in that it doesn’t require users to install CTI adapter programs on their machines to use Salesforce with phone systems.  That’s right—no more client applications are necessary to use the features of a CTI system with Salesforce.

So how should you get started with Open CTI?  Look no further than the Open CTI Developer’s Guide (link opens Web page).  The guide explains that Open CTI is a browser-based JavaScript API, and it includes all the methods and code samples you… Continue reading

New Salesforce Integration Doc

New integrations patterns and best practices documentation helps you decide which integration technologies to use for your particular scenario. Continue reading

The New Service Cloud Workbook: Build Help Desks for Support Agents

Service Cloud Workbook

The Service Cloud Workbook shows you how to set up multiple channels and integrate them with a help desk so that agents can respond to customers from any channel. First you’ll learn basic Service Cloud features. Then you’ll explore more challenging features that require code, such as Open CTI, Custom Console Components, and the Service Cloud Console Integration Toolkit. Continue reading

Thinking Salesforce? Think Integration!

If you’re thinking about implementing Salesforce (or even if you’re a relatively new implementation) one important thing to consider is the strength of our integration tools.

It’s almost guaranteed that when you implement Salesforce, you’ll have some need to integrate it with other systems. This could be a requirement for data updates that happen behind the scenes. Or perhaps you have a data warehouse in which you want to store Salesforce data. It could be that user interface integration is what you need such that when someone updates an opportunity record, users are automatically notified as they’re working in… Continue reading

Get Your Winter ’08 Developer Guides

Get a head start on Winter ’08 with the latest Force.com Developer Guides:

  • Visualforce Developer’s Guide – in HTML or PDF
  • Apex Developer’s Guide – in HTML or PDF (formerly known as the Apex Code Language Reference)
    • including an AppExchange package of code samples
  • Force.com Web Services API Developer’s Guide Version 11.0
    • including the Winter ’08 API Release Notes 
  • AJAX Toolkit Developer’s Guide Version 11.0

For details about what’s new for Visualforce and Apex, see the Winter ’08 Release Notes. And check out the Documentation page on the ADN wiki for all your developer doc needs.… Continue reading

RTFM*… And Tell Us What You Think!


Ever read a piece of documentation and think "Wow, that was great!" or "That wasn’t exactly right. I wish they would fix that."? It can be pretty frustrating to use documentation that’s inaccurate and have no way to let anyone know. The salesforce.com Documentation team is right there with you. With this latest release of the Web Services API Developer’s Guide, every page now has a feedback form so you can submit changes, corrections, and, of course, compliments(!) directly to the folks who write it. Just scroll down to the bottom of any API doc page, click the