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SOQL Polymorphism, or How I Learned to Love the Polymorphic Relationship


In Winter ’13, you can now use the SOQL polymorphism feature via the new TYPEOF clause to do complex queries on polymorphic fields in a single call. Read more to learn how this feature can make your queries more powerful, easier to understand, and easier to manage. Continue reading

The Joys of SOQL Pagination

The SOQL Pagination feature is now generally available in Summer ’12. This feature includes the new OFFSET clause used in Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) queries. What exactly does OFFSET do, you might be wondering?

OFFSET lets you specify a number of rows to skip in the returned data. So, for example if a SOQL query returns 1000 records (determined by using the COUNT() SOQL function) and you only want to see the last 50, you can add “OFFSET 950” to the end of your SOQL query:


Where… Continue reading

Feel the Power: Developer Console Updates for Summer ’12

The Developer Console is quickly becoming the easiest and most powerful place to work with Apex and Visualforce code. If you haven’t tried it lately, log in to an organization and click Your Name > Developer Console to see how the Developer Console can simplify your work.

This video tells the story of how a Force.com developer uses the Developer Console to build and test credit card processing in an app. Along the way, the video shows off most of the Developer Console’s Summer ’12 features.

Execute Anonymous Apex enhancements

  • Execute Anonymous Apex code at the