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Watch and Learn: New Videos for Summer ’13


The Doc team’s video makers put out an astonishing 13 new videos for Summer ’13!  Enjoy!

Forecast Accurately with Collaborative Forecasts
Find out how to maneuver around Collaborative Forecasts so that you can reach your sales goals.

Chatter in Apex
Learn how to create a custom user interface that displays two Chatter feeds side by side in Salesforce. In this demo, you’ll use Chatter in Apex to get the news feeds of the communities that are live in a Salesforce organization. You’ll also build a Visualforce component and a Visualforce page to display the feeds. Get the source… Continue reading

How to Display Two Chatter Feeds on a Visualforce Page

Two Chatter group feeds on one page

Use Chatter in Apex to build custom UI in Salesforce. Watch a video that walks you through creating an Apex controller, a Visualforce component, and a Visualforce page that displays two Chatter feeds side by side. It’s a very simple example to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Or, you can build the double Chatter feeds in a Quick Start in the Apex Developer’s Guide. Continue reading

Watch and Learn: New Videos for Winter ’13

Making Your Reports Run Faster

Check out these seven new videos, created specifically for the Salesforce Winter ’13 release. Learn tips and tricks for working in Chatter, Visual Workflow, reporting, and more! Continue reading

Watch and Learn: More new videos for Summer ’12!

Here’s another batch of videos to help keep your summer Salesforce work on the cool side.  If only they came with little paper umbrellas…

Learning About Sync Directions (Salesforce for Outlook)
Learn how to view sync direction settings and find out whether you have permissions to change them. This video also describes how your administrator determines what you can sync, the sync directions, and whether you can change these settings.

Tips for Scheduling Reports
Get tips on scheduling reports in Salesforce. Learn how to make your scheduled reports run with an active running user, be sent during off-peak… Continue reading

Watch and Learn: New Videos for Summer ’12

If you learn better by watching than by reading, check out some of our great new videos for Summer ’12!

Using Cross Filters in Salesforce Reports
Narrow down a report to find just the records that you need. Cross filters let you fine-tune your results by including or excluding records from related objects, without having to write formulas or code.

Using the Developer Console to Edit, Execute, and Debug Apex Classes
Learn how to use the Developer Console to build and troubleshoot on the Force.com platform. Watch as we use the Developer Console to open and navigate through… Continue reading