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Site.com Timesavers: Reusable Custom Widgets

Time equals money

The new widgets feature in Site.com, available in Summer ’13, uses a build-once-then-reuse approach to save you time when building your website. By combining existing Site.com page elements, such as panels, content blocks, custom code, and data repeaters, you can build widgets—in essence, your own custom page elements—to suit your unique requirements. And just like any other page element, you can reuse custom widgets on any site page or page template in your site.

The New Site.com Workbook: Build Websites With Ease

Site.com Workbook

The Site.com Workbook shows you how to build a working sample website. As you work through the tutorials, you’ll learn some of the basic elements of the Site.com Studio design application. You’ll learn how to import assets, create templates, build pages, create forms for gathering user input, and create content blocks that link dynamically to data in your Salesforce organization.