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Let’s Be Clear: Workflow Rule Evaluation Criteria

Screenshot of the Evaluation Criteria area of the UI.

We know that workflow rule evaluation criteria can be confusing. So, in Winter ’13, we simplified the text and reordered the options to show the simplest one first, and the most complex one last.  NOTE: The default setting hasn’t changed, but it’s now the last option in the list.

However, based on customer feedback on those changes, we changed the text again in Winter ’13 to be more descriptive. We also added the “How do I choose?” link back in, but it now points to a more relevant help topic.

Old Text:

Interim Text:

Time-Based Workflow: Apex Trigger Processing and Governor Limits

We recently documented a new time trigger processing “gotcha” in a Summer ’11 patch, and this one is especially important if you design your time-based workflow in conjunction with Apex triggers.

Contrary to what you might think, time-dependent actions aren’t executed independently.  They’re processed several times every hour, when they’re grouped together and executed in a single batch.  As a result, any Apex triggers that fire as a result of those grouped actions are also executed in a single batch.  This behavior can cause you to exceed your Apex governor limits.

For example, the 10 callouts per request… Continue reading