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  • January 2018

    • Developer Preview Live – Release Readiness LIVE, Spring '18

      Description:  Spring ‘18 is here to help you build smarter, modern apps more quickly than ever. In this live broadcast, Salesforce Product Managers and Developer Evangelists will share the latest features and functionality to help you develop with the Lightning Platform, including new base Lightning components, Salesforce DX updates, Einstein Platform Service improvements, new API functionality, and more!
    • The Salesforce Einstein Product Team: Ask Us Anything!

      Description:  Curious about Einstein Platform Services, and how to use them to build AI-powered apps? Join us for this exclusive, interactive webinar where you can ask product owners, Michael Machado and Zineb Laraki, anything you want! We’ll also have your favorite green wigged evangelist, René Winkelmeyer, on hand to answer any burning questions - don’t miss out! We might even have some roadmap hints :)
  • December 2017

    • Simplify your code with Salesforce DX and module development

      Description:  Salesforce DX is revolutionizing the way teams build on the Salesforce Platform. Join us for a hands-on webinar where we’ll dig in on how you can plan modular development projects, how this differs from the current Org-Driven Development model, and share our vision for the future of development with Salesforce DX using developer-controlled packages (DCPs).
    • Build custom user interfaces for your Salesforce data with the UI API

      Description:  Want to build custom apps with the same User Interface API that Salesforce uses to build Lightning Experience and the mySalesforce mobile app? This webinar explores how the UI API works. Join and learn how to can create native mobile and web apps with your own branding and look-and-feel that respond to metadata changes in Salesforce.
  • September 2017

    • Build Smarter Apps with Einstein Platform Services

      Description:  Einstein Platform Services allow you to build AI-powered apps fast by making the power of image recognition and natural language processing accessible, regardless of skill level. You can easily train deep learning models at scale using Einstein’s integrated REST APIs, compatible with any programming language. Learn how to integrate deep learning models into your apps to unlock valuable insights from text and images to bring new levels of productivity to the user experience. In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn about - What’s available today with Einstein Platform Services - How to train, deploy, and integrate deep learning models into your applications - Use-cases that you can start exploring today
      Categories:  Integration
    • Winter '18 Release Webinar

      Description:  Winter '18 is here! We have so many new ways to build smarter, modern apps more quickly than ever. In this broadcast, the Salesforce Developer Relations team and Product Managers will share the lastest news on how you can develop with Salesforce DX, Einstein APIs and Analytics, Community Cloud and Lightning to make your apps even better.
    • Build Faster with Base Lightning Components

      Description:  Base Lightning Components are out-of-the-box solutions for common user interface needs. Developers can use them to quickly build and deliver the Lightning Experience to their admins and users without starting from scratch every time. This session dives into details of how they work, and how you can use them to quickly get apps up and running. In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn about - How Lightning components work and how to build them - Component architecture and composition - How to extend custom components to non-developers
      Categories:  Integration
    • Real Time Integration with Salesforce Platform Events

      Description:  Platform Events enables a new event-driven architecture for Salesforce focused on events and record changes, rather than full record processing. Join us to learn about Platform Events and what this will mean to the future of integration with Salesforce. In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn about - How Platform Events enable real-time integration - Defining, publishing and subscribing to Platform Events in Salesforce - How Platform Events work through live demonstrations
      Categories:  Integration
  • August 2017

    • Lightning Updates: Summer, Winter & Beyond

      Description:  With every new release, we open up new possibilities for Salesforce development. In this webinar, we'll discuss the recent Summer '17 release, the upcoming Winter '18 release, and what it means for your orgs. We'll fire up the Developer Console, and dive into topics including The Salesforce Lightning Design System, Lightning Data Service and standard overrides. As we love to live dangerously, we'll even do some live coding! In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn about - Lightning Components - Lightning Data Service - Standard Action Overrides with Lightning Components
      Categories:  Integration
    • Adopting Salesforce DX

      Description:  Interested in bringing the benefits of Salesforce DX into your organization but aren't quite sure where to get started? Salesforce DX defines an entirely new way to manage and develop Salesforce apps, and lets teams build together and deliver continuously. Come to this webinar and get an insider's view into how you can streamline your development lifecycle by adopting Salesforce DX.
      Categories:  Integration
    • Get Started with Salesforce DX

      Description:  Salesforce DX is the modern way to manage and develop Salesforce apps across the entire lifecycle, and helps teams build together and deliver continuously. Whether you're an individual developer or working as part of a large team, Salesforce DX provides you with an integrated, end-to-end lifecycle designed for high-performance agile development. Best of all, we've built it to be open and flexible so you can build the way you want with the tools and practices you know and love. You don’t want to miss this webinar!
      Categories:  Integration
  • July 2017

    • Embed Customer Support into your Apps with Snap-ins

      Description:  Join us and understand how Lightning Snap-ins enable you to deliver immediate, personalized, and contextual support on any device to your customers. We’ll discuss when to use Snap-ins, how to differentiate your app experience with embedded support, and how to implement Snap-ins Chat into your website and Community templates.
  • May 2017

    • Migrating Visualforce Pages to Lightning

      Description:  So you have made the decision to move to Lightning, but what does that mean for your Visualforce pages? Join us to find out what works and what doesn’t, strategies for the things you might need to fix, and finally, how to update your pages with the Salesforce Lightning Design System, and much more.
      Categories:  Integration
    • Build Better Communities with Lightning

      Description:  Do you want to create communities to help your organization provide stellar customer service, connect your customers together or increase employee productivity? Learn how you can customize Salesforce Community Cloud to fit your needs with the Lightning Bolt framework, Lightning Components and Community Builder.
      Categories:  Integration
    • Performance Best Practices for Lightning Component Development

      Description:  Want to improve the performance of your Lightning components and applications? This webinar is for you! Whether you are an experienced Lightning component developer or just starting, you’ll learn a series of best practices you can immediately implement to make your components load faster, run faster, and access data more efficiently.
      Categories:  Integration
  • April 2017

    • Modeling and Querying Data and Relationships in Salesforce

      Description:  The Salesforce object model and the SOQL query language form the foundation of working with Salesforce data. While most developers are SQL-literate, there are small but important distinctions between SOQL and SQL. In this webinar, developers new to Salesforce will come to understand these differences, jumpstarting their Salesforce developer success.
      Categories:  Integration
  • March 2017

    • Building a Single Page App with Lightning Components

      Description:  Lightning allows developers to rapidly develop highly interactive applications with Lightning Components. In this webinar, we will show you the best practices to build a single page application by using features from the Lightning Component framework.Lightning allows developers to rapidly develop highly interactive applications with Lightning Components. In this webinar, we will show you the best practices to build a single page application by using features from the Lightning Component framework.
      Categories:  Integration
  • January 2017

    • Spring '17 Release Preview for Developers

      Description:  The Spring ‘17 release is packed with powerful features that will help you build faster with both clicks and code. In this live broadcast, Salesforce Developer Relations will walk you through our favorite new features in the Spring ‘17 release spanning developer experience, Lightning customization, and more.
      Categories:  Integration
  • December 2016

    • Best Practices for Advanced Lightning Apps

      Description:  Lightning allows developers to customize their apps to a degree not previously possible - especially when using the Lightning App Builder and the new Lightning Utility Bar. In this webinar, we will introduce you to best practices for designing component-based architecture when building advanced apps that make the most out of new Lightning Experience features.
      Categories:  Integration
    • Secure Development on the Salesforce Platform

      Description:  This webinar covers key topics and best practices on how to securely connect your applications with Salesforce. We will demonstrate Salesforce recommended solutions to securely handle secrets within your application and help you prevent data leaks You will also learn how to set up a Salesforce Connected App to handle authentication and access control when integrating with Salesforce.
      Categories:  Integration