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  • January 2017

    • Spring '17 Release Preview for Developers

      Description:  The Spring ‘17 release is packed with powerful features that will help you build faster with both clicks and code. In this live broadcast, Salesforce Developer Relations will walk you through our favorite new features in the Spring ‘17 release spanning developer experience, Lightning customization, and more.
      Categories:  Integration
  • December 2016

    • Best Practices for Advanced Lightning Apps

      Description:  Lightning allows developers to customize their apps to a degree not previously possible - especially when using the Lightning App Builder and the new Lightning Utility Bar. In this webinar, we will introduce you to best practices for designing component-based architecture when building advanced apps that make the most out of new Lightning Experience features.
      Categories:  Integration
    • Secure Development on the Salesforce Platform

      Description:  This webinar covers key topics and best practices on how to securely connect your applications with Salesforce. We will demonstrate Salesforce recommended solutions to securely handle secrets within your application and help you prevent data leaks You will also learn how to set up a Salesforce Connected App to handle authentication and access control when integrating with Salesforce.
      Categories:  Integration
  • November 2016

    • Build Smarter Apps with New Predictive Vision Services

      Description:  Modern applications are becoming experiences, and people want to use smart apps that help them be their best. Using Einstein and the new Predictive Vision Service, you can build smart apps by classifying images and providing your users with predictive recommendations – all with out-of-the-box deep learning algorithms.
      Categories:  Integration
  • October 2016

    • Building Apps Faster with Lightning & Winter '17

      Description:  With the Lightning Framework you can build modern apps faster and run them across all your devices. With the Winter ’17 Release, we’ve delivered a number of enhancements to Lightning to help you build even faster including new Lightning Base Components and Lightning Data Services. Learn about these important new features and more in this must-watch webinar. • Accessing data more easily and efficiently with the new Lightning Data Service • Building Lightning Components faster with new Lightning Base Components • Developing more interactive experiences with new Lightning Quick Actions and the Utility Bar
      Categories:  Integration
  • August 2016

    • Tech Careers and Learnings for the Next Decade

      Description:  In this webinar we will discuss the technology ecosystem evolution in the 21st Century, the rise of new platforms, and current paradigm shifts in technology. As a developer, you will learn how to leverage these shifts and how you can take your career to the next level. In this exclusive webinar you’ll learn about: • How to position yourself and stay relevant in fast-changing technology landscapes. • Identifying the best technologies to focus on and determining if you should specialize or go broad. • Different channels of learning development; classroom, online, and self-paced such as Trailhead. Then, determining which method is best for you.
      Categories:  Integration
  • July 2016

    • Advanced Platform Features - OAuth and Social Authentication

      Description:  Description Learn the benefits of using social authentication to log into your Salesforce org or community. During this session, you’ll become familiar with authentication nomenclature and understand the differences between being an identity provider vs. service providers. We’ll also show the mechanics to allow social sign-on for registration and user creation using Apex. In this exclusive webinar you'll learn about • Understand SSO & OAuth 2.0 authentication • Differentiate between an identity provider and a service provider • Define and learn how to leverage social authentication • Authenticate to Salesforce using your Google and Facebook credentials
      Categories:  Integration
    • Build, Manage, and Deploy Mobile Apps Faster with App Cloud Mobile

      Description:  Description Want to build mobile apps faster with the new App Cloud Mobile? In this session, learn from Salesforce mobile development experts as they show you how to build, deploy and manage mobile applications using the Mobile SDK, Heroku, Lightning Components and the Salesforce1 mobile app. In this exclusive webinar you'll learn about - Developing apps for iOS, Android and Hybrid Mobile environments with App Cloud - Mobile - Using Heroku as Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) Building and Deploying Mobile Apps with Salesforce1
      Categories:  Mobile
  • May 2016

    • Webinar: Secure Development on the Salesforce Platform - Part 2

      Description:  In this session, security experts from Salesforce will show you how to avoid common security pitfalls while developing applications using Apex and Visualforce. This second installment of our secure development series continues development of the simple on-platform app created in part one by examining how vulnerabilities present themselves. After discussing the potential danger of these vulnerabilities and demonstrating their impact, we’ll show how to avoid introducing them in your code, how to review existing code to locate issues, and how to fix them to provide more secure apps. - In this exclusive webinar you’ll learn about: - Common VisualForce vulnerabilities - Additional features for the on-platform sample app - XSS (Cross-site Scripting) - Open Redirect - CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)
      Categories:  App Logic
  • April 2016

    • Webinar: Integrating Salesforce and Slack

      Description:  Slack is a team collaboration application that has recently gained a significant amount of momentum. Slack provides a simple and powerful way to integrate with external applications. In this webinar you’ll learn what’s new in Slack and ways to integrate Salesforce and Slack. You’ll learn how Salesforce can automatically post messages to Slack channels when specific events happen (opportunity status changed, case created, etc.). You’ll learn how to query or update information in Salesforce without leaving the Slack user interface. And finally, you’ll learn how to create bots that monitor Slack conversations and automatically respond by pulling information from Salesforce or by creating records in Salesforce.
      Categories:  App Logic
    • Webinar: Advanced Apex Development - Asynchronous Processes

      Description:  Take a deep dive into asynchronous process when building apps on App Cloud using Apex. You will learn the importance of it and how you can determine when, where and why to use these processes. We’ll discuss various pros/cons about each of the techniques and take a look at some real time examples. We’ll explore using @future methods, Queueable & Batchable Interfaces in Apex, considerations, monitoring and limits for each of the methodologies. This is a fast-paced webinar that will cover a wide breadth of topics on Asynchronous Processes and you will be sure to walk away with ideas and techniques for your day-to-day job on the platform.
      Categories:  App Logic
  • March 2016

    • Webinar: Secure Development on the Salesforce Platform - Part I

      Description:  In this first installment of our Secure Salesforce Development webinar series members of the Salesforce Trust team will introduce the core concepts behind developing secure applications on the Salesforce platform using Apex and Visualforce. We’ll walk through creation and development of a simple, on-platform app and examine common security vulnerabilities that developers unintentionally introduce to their applications. After discussing the danger of these vulnerabilities and demonstrating their impact we’ll go in depth into how to avoid introducing them in your code, how to review existing code and find them, and how to fix them.
      Categories:  App Logic
    • Webinar: Using Apex for REST Integration

      Description:  Part of what truly makes a platform is an ability to integrate with third party devices, servers and software. Join Ami Assayag and Kirk Steffke from CRM Science and Developer Evangelist Josh Birk as they breakdown examples of using Apex for integration solutions. Apex has robust methods for handling both inbound requests into Salesforce and outbound calls into third party systems. This webinar will break down how Apex can be used in these cases as well as how to test the code once it is up and running.
      Categories:  App Logic
  • February 2016

    • Webinar: Diving Into Heroku Private Spaces

      Description:  Heroku recently announced a new part of Heroku Enterprise called Private Spaces that allows you to run your own Heroku in a separate but still managed cloud. This webinar will cover the basics of Heroku and Private Spaces. Private Spaces provides an isolated network for your apps and data, enhancing security and privacy. You will learn how to securely integrate your Heroku apps with Salesforce using IP restrictions. In addition you will learn how you can use Private Spaces to pick specific geographic locations for your Private Spaces, aiding in privacy and performance requirements.
      Categories:  User Interface
    • Webinar: Integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Office through Add-ins

      Description:  1.2+ billion users around the world choose Microsoft Office as their primary tool for productivity. Integrating Salesforce and Office can drive unparalleled experiences for information workers. This webinar will explore Salesforce integration with Microsoft Office using Office Add-ins. Learn about what's new with Office Add-ins, the Office add-ins Salesforce offers, and how to build your own Office Add-ins that integrate with Salesforce. You might be surprised to learn that Office Add-ins can be developed with ANY web technology and be hosted anywhere in the world. So bring your web developer hat and learn how you can maximize your Salesforce and Office investments with Office Add-ins.
      Categories:  App Logic
  • January 2016

    • Webinar: Spring '16 Release Preview

      Description:  Set your clocks everyone, it’s time to spring forward and learn about the new features in Spring ‘16 for Admins and Developers. We’ll dig into the gems from the release that will help Admins be productive and make life easier like updates to Collaboration, the Lightning User Experience and Lightning Setup. We’ll also cover the exciting new features for Developers including the ability to surface Lightning Components anywhere with Lightning Out, add Visualforce pages to the new Lightning Experience, and several API enhancements.
      Categories:  App Logic
  • December 2015

    • Webinar: Analyze billions of records on Salesforce App Cloud with BigObject

      Description:  Salesforce hosts billions of customer records on Salesforce App Cloud. Making timely decisions on this invaluable data demands a new set of capabilities. From interacting with data in real-time to leveraging a fluid integration with Salesforce Analytics, these capabilities are just around the corner. Join us in this roadmap session to see what the near-future of Big Data on Salesforce App Cloud looks like and how you can benefit from it.
      Categories:  User Interface
    • Webinar: Coding in the App Cloud

      Description:  In this webinar, we'll share how you can leverage the tools and best practices available to promote healthy Application Lifecycle Management. Learn about the latest advancements we've made in our Sandbox environments, metadata API, deployments, namespaces and source control management, how the brand new Apex Debugger extends the Force.com IDE, and how these updates can be leveraged to enhance your development efforts and transformation.
      Categories:  User Interface
  • November 2015

    • Building Beautiful Apps - Part 1: The Idea

      Description:  In this first installment of our 4-part webinar series, Alan O’Connor, Director of Product Experience at Salesforce will talk to Rob Wolf, Creator & Founder of LaunchDM and his team about the beginning of building a beautiful app. This first part will cover the initial steps from brainstorming app ideas to beginning UI/UX and design.
      Categories:  User Interface
  • October 2015

    • Webinar: Winter '16 Release - Overview and Highlights

      Description:  Grab a cup of cocoa and join us to learn more about the exciting new features in Winter ‘16 for Admins and Developers. We’ll dive into the gems in the release that will help Admins be productive and make life easier. We’ll also cover the exciting new features for Developers including CRUD functionality for external objects, the new Apex Debugger and Lighting Components for the desktop, Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience.
      Categories:  App Logic