Mobile Developer Challenge 2012 Overview  

With the ubiquity of mobile devices, all applications need to have a mobile presence. Leverage the mobile app development content on Developer Force to build upon the skills you already have, learn new technologies, and use next-generation tools now available to compete for great prizes in the Mobile Developer Challenge. This developer challenge is your chance to demonstrate what you know and compete for fantastic cash and prizes.

Winners have been announced!

A big thank you to all our participants, and congratulations to our winners! You can view the gallery of entries here.

How it works

The competition starts now! Here is what you need to know about participating:

Suggested Topics

As we say above, you are free to implement a new feature, component that extends capability or a mobile-based app that complements what is already available in the wild. If you have a creative block, here are some ideas on components and apps to get you started:


Your submission will be judged by a jury of technology experts on the following criteria:


The pride of winning has no price. But in its stead, we aim to please with great prizes. In this case, there's no substitute for cold, hard cash American Express gift cards in the following denominations:

1st place - $10,000
2nd place - $5,000
3rd place - $1,000

Additionally, we have some potential sponsor partners in the works who will furnish prizes as well for challenge elements involving integrations with their platform or products. More will be announced shortly.


Please refer to the mobile app development content on Developer Force for resources in building mobile apps. In particular, there are great new articles, tutorials and how-tos that will be published during the month of June to help you.

Official Rules and the Legalese

Our lawyers require us to post this.