Measure and Group Bindings in Compact-Form and SAQL-Form Queries

You can use bindings in compact-form queries and SAQL-form queries.

Let's look at an example where the selections in two custom queries (StaticSAQLMeasureNames and StaticSAQLGroupingNames) determine the measure and grouping of a SAQL-form query. Notice that the bindings for both measures and groups are defined in two places. To learn more about strings, numbers, and groups fields, see SAQL Step Type Properties.

If you bind a measure or grouping in a compact-form or SAQL-form step used for a chart, you must also replace the columnMap section in the widget-level chart JSON with an empty columns array. For more information, see Measure Interactions and Group Interactions.

If you provide an aggregate function for a measure, then the measure value must be a string, not an array.