Get Started with the CRM Analytics Dashboard Component

The wave:waveDashboard component displays a CRM Analytics dashboard in a Visualforce or Lightning page.

The component is available in the Lightning App Builder as a drag-and-drop component. You can also create your own component to interact programmatically with the wave:waveDashboard component.

To display a CRM Analytics dashboard, pass in the required attribute, which is either the dashboardId or the developerName. All other attributes have a default value and are only specified if you want to override with your own custom value.

To change the dashboard state dynamically, use the filter atttribute to add selections or filters to the embedded dashboard. You can filter dataset fields by variables or specified values. For more information, see Filter and Selection Syntax for Embedded Dashboards.

You can also update the dashboard state via the setState component method or by using the CRM Analytics Web SDK Events like wave:update. For more details on using events to interact with this component, see the Web SDK Events guide.

Here's an example of a simple CRM Analytics dashboard component.

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