What is Einstein OCR?

Einstein OCR (optical character recognition) provides models that detect typed and handwritten text in an image or PDF.

You access the models from a single REST API endpoint. Each model is used for specific use cases, such as business card scanning, product lookup, and digitizing documents and tables.

Model IDUsed ForRecommended Task Parameter Values
  • Business card, pass a task parameter value of contact
  • contact
  • Unformatted text, pass a task parameter value of text.
  • Text in tables. Pass a task parameter value of table.
  • Standard form, pass a task parameter value of form.
  • Custom form, pass a task parameter value of form .
  • Invoices, pass a task parameter value of invoice.
  • Support for typed and handwritten text recognition.
  • text
  • table
  • form
  • invoice

When you call the API, you send in an image, and the JSON response contains various elements based on the value of the task parameter:

  • String of alphanumeric characters that the model predicts.
  • Confidence (probability) that the detected bounding box contains text.
  • XY coordinates for the location of the character string within the image (also called a bounding box).
  • For tabular data, the table row and column in which the text is located.
  • For business cards, the entity type of the detected text such as ORG, PERSON, and so on.
  • For common forms, key-value pairs that contain the detected text, bounding box data for the detected text, and the entity (a consistent field name).

Here’s a sample image. The orange boxes and text indicate the detected text.

Currently, Einstein OCR supports only English.