Multi-Label Image Model

Detect the presence of multiple objects in a given image.

This multi-label model is used to classify a variety of objects. You can classify an image against this model just as you would a custom model; but instead of using the modelId of the custom model, you specify a modelId of MultiLabelImageClassifier. For the list of classes this model contains, see Multi-Label Image Model Class List.

This cURL command sends in a local image and returns a prediction from the multi-label image model.

The model returns a result similar to the following JSON. This response is truncated. When you use this model, the response contains all the classes in the model. Multi-label models are used to detect multiple objects in an image, so you'll see the classes with the highest probability returned first.

If you want to send in an image by using its URL, replace the sampleContent parameter with the sampleLocation parameter.