• Sign up for an account—Follow the steps in What You Need to Call the API to set up your Einstein Platform Services account. If you already have an account, you can skip this step.

  • Find your key file—If you've already created an account, locate the einstein_platform.pem file that you downloaded (previously named predictive_services.pem) as part of that process. This file contains your private key.

  • Generate a token—Follow the steps in Set Up Authorization and set the expiration time to 60 minutes. The token you create is valid for the time it takes to complete these steps.

  • Install cURL—cURL is a free command line tool for getting or sending data using URL syntax. If you already have cURL installed, you can skip this step. The Linux or Mac OSX operating systems have cURL installed by default, but if you use Windows you have to install it yourself. To install cURL, go to Download and install the version for your operating system.