Use the Einstein Object Detection API to train deep-learning models to recognize and count multiple, distinct objects within an image. The API identifies objects within an image and provides details, like the size and location of each object.

For each object or set of objects identified in an image, the API returns the coordinates for the object’s bounding box and a class label. It also returns the probability of the object matching the class label. Some scenarios for using the Object Detection API include locating product logos in images or counting products on shelves.

Let's say you're a developer that works for Alpine, a company that produces and sells cereal. Alpine wants to monitor which products are found on store shelves and where those products are located. So they have sales reps that visit various markets and take photos of shelves in the cereal aisle.

Your job is to create a model that identifies Alpine cereal boxes in an image. The model returns the type of cereal and the coordinates of where that box is located in the image. In this quick start, you step through the process of creating a custom model by calling the API via cURL.

If you need help as you go through these steps, check out the Einstein Platform Services developer forum on Salesforce Developers.