After you've mastered the basics, it's time to step through creating your own image classifier and testing it out. You use the Einstein Image Classification REST API for all these tasks.

If you need help as you go through these steps, check out the Einstein Platform Services developer forum on Salesforce Developers.

Here's the scenario: you’re a developer who works for a company that sells outdoor sporting gear. The company has automation that monitors social media channels. When someone posts a photo, the company wants to know whether the photo was taken at the beach or in the mountains. Based on where the photo was taken, the company can make targeted product recommendations to its customers.

To perform that kind of analysis manually requires multiple people. In addition, manual analysis is slow, so it’s likely that the company couldn’t respond until well after the photo was posted. You’ve been tasked with implementing automation that can solve this problem.

Your task is straightforward: create a model that can identify whether an image is of the beach or the mountains. Then test the model with an image of a beach scene.