Form W-2

This table lists the entities returned by the OCR model for Form W-2.

Entity nameForm key
a_employee_social_security_numbera Employee's social security number
b_employer_identification_numberb Employer identification number (EIN)
c_employer_name_address_and_zipcodec Employer's name, address, and ZIP code
d_control_numberd Control number
e_employee_first_name_and_initiale Employee’s first name and initial
last_nameLast name
f_employee_address_and_zipcodef Employee’s address and ZIP code
1_wages_tips_other_compensation1 Wages, tips, other compensation
2_federal_income_tax_withheld2 Federal income tax withheld
3_social_security_wages3 Social security wages
4_social_security_tax_withheld4 Social security tax withheld
5_medicare_wages_and_tips5 Medicare wages and tips
6_medicare_tax_withheld6 Medicare tax withheld
7_social_security_tips7 Social security tips
8_allocated_tips8 Allocated tips
9_verification_code9 Verification code
10_dependent_care_benefits10 Dependent care benefits
11_nonqualified_plans11 Nonqualified plans
12a_see_instructions_for_box_1212a See instructions for box 12
14_other14 Other
15_state15 State
employer_state_id_numberEmployer's state ID number
16_state_wages_tips_etc16 State wages, tips, etc.
17_state_income_tax17 State income tax
18_local_wages_tips_etc18 Local wages, tips, etc.
19_local_income_tax19 Local income tax
20_locality_name20 Locality name