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API Explorer

  • 1.0B2C Commerce Developer Sandbox API's

    B2C Commerce provides a REST API to manage developer sandboxes. The API allows you to create, manage, and delete developer sandboxes. For more information please have a look into <a href=""> our documentation</a> and see release notes <a href="">here</a>.

    • 46.0-2019. Prediction Service Scoring API

      Use the Einstein Prediction Service Scoring API to programmatically run predictions, as well as manage prediction definitions and models. Before you use the Einstein Prediction Service Scoring API, you must deploy any model you want to get predictions.

      • 2.0.0Einstein Vision and Einstein Language

        Use the Einstein Platform Services APIs to easily AI-enable your apps with image recognition and natural language processing. Using the Einstein Vision APIs, you can leverage pre-trained classifiers or train custom classifiers to solve a vast array of image recognition use cases. With the Einstein Language APIs, you can harness the power of natural language processing to analyze text and infer the sentiment or intent behind that text.

        • 1.0.0Marketing Cloud REST API

          Marketing Cloud's REST API is our newest API. It supports multi-channel use cases, is much more lightweight and easy to use than our SOAP API, and is getting more comprehensive with every release.

          • 43.0.0Salesforce IoT API

            Use the Salesforce IoT REST API to create and manage orchestrations and contexts, and retrieve usage data.