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The update() call returns an array of SaveResult objects. Each element in the SaveResult array corresponds to the sObject[] array passed as the sObjects parameter in the update() call. For example, the object returned in the first index in the SaveResult array matches the object specified in the first index of the sObject[] array.

A SaveResult object has the following properties:

Name Type Description
id ID ID of an sObject that you successfully updated. If this field contains a value, then the object was updated successfully. If this field is empty, then the object was not updated and the API returned error information instead.
success boolean Indicates whether the update() call succeeded (true) or not (false) for this object.
errors Error[] If an error occurred during the update() call, an array of one or more Error objects providing the error code and description.

If your organization has active duplicate rules and a duplicate is detected, the SaveResult includes an Error with a data type of DuplicateError.