isSoftphonePanelVisible() for Lightning Experience


Use this method to return the visibility status of the softphone panel. Returns true if the softphone panel is visible and false if it’s minimized. This method is available in API version 38.0 or later.


     callback: function


Name Type Description
callback function JavaScript method executed when the API method call is completed.

Sample Code–HTML and JavaScript with a callback

    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://domain:port/support/api/61.0/lightning/opencti_min.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
      var callback = function(response) {
         if (response.success) {
            console.log('API method call executed successfully! returnValue:', response.returnValue);
         } else { 
            console.error('Something went wrong! Errors:', response.errors);

      function isSoftphonePanelVisible() {
          sforce.opencti.isSoftphonePanelVisible({callback: callback});
    <button onclick="isSoftphonePanelVisible();">isSoftphonePanelVisible()</button>


This method is asynchronous. The response is returned in an object passed to a callback method. The response object contains the following fields.
Name Type Description
success boolean Returns true if the API method call was invoked successfully, false otherwise.
returnValue object Contains the boolean property visible which indicates the visibility status of the softphone panel. It’s true if the softphone is visible and false if it’s minimized.
errors array If the API call was successful, this variable is null. If the API call failed, this variable returns an array of error messages.