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Introducing Social Studio REST API

Available in: All editions.

The Social Studio API is a REST-ful web service for retrieving, analyzing, and modifying social media data contained in your Social Studio Account.

Clients may use the Social Studio API to extend the functionality of the Social Studio. For example: extract post data & insights directly from your Social Accounts and Topic Profiles, access post metadata such as post tags and source tags, and manage the setup and configuration within your Social Studio Organization.

The API may be used to integrate with any internal system, CRM, or Business Intelligence tool. Clients may use it to create custom internal reporting, to integrate with intranets, and to quickly disseminate information throughout the organization. Other uses include creating custom reports for clients, enhancing the value of client applications and services, or to drive web and mobile applications.

  • RESTful API using HTTP verbs
  • Authenticate using OAuth 2.0
  • HTTPS only
  • API requests and responses serialized as JSON
  • Provides access to Social Studio functionality