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View or Modify a Dashboard JSON File

Use the JSON Editor to modify the JSON for a dashboard or lens.
Available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.
Available with Tableau CRM, which is available for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions. Also available in Developer Edition.

User Permissions Needed
To modify the JSON file that defines a dashboard: Create and Edit Tableau CRM Dashboards
JSON Editor displays the JSON of a lens or dashboard and lets you quickly see the effect of your edits in the running asset.
  1. To access JSON Editor, open the lens or dashboard you want to edit, and press CTRL+E for PCs or CMD+E for Macs.
  2. Modify the JSON in the editor. You can use standard keyboard shortcuts for editing functions and search.
  3. To go back to the explorer and see how edits to the JSON appear in the lens or dashboard, click Done.
  4. To retain your edits, save the lens or dashboard. Changes made in the JSON editor are not saved until you explicitly save the lens or dashboard.
In JSON Editor, the following shortcuts let you perform basic actions from your keyboard.
JSON Editor Keyboard Shortcut Description
CRTL+3 (Windows); CMD+3 (Mac) Disregard changes and load the original JSON
CRTL+X (Windows); CMD+X (Mac) Cut
CRTL+C (Windows); CMD+C (Mac) Copy
CRTL+V (Windows); CMD+V (Mac) Paste
CRTL+Z (Windows); CMD+Z (Mac) Undo
SHIFT+CRTL+Z (Windows); SHIFT+CMD+Z (Mac) Redo
CRTL+F (Windows); CMD+F (Mac) Search (RegExp, case-sensitive, or whole word searches available)
CRTL+E (Windows); CMD+E (Mac) View dashboard with changes to JSON