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Summer '15 (API version 34.0)
  • Winter '16 Preview (API version 35.0) 35.0
  • Summer '15 (API version 34.0) 34.0
  • Spring '15 (API version 33.0) 33.0
  • Winter '15 (API version 32.0) 32.0
  • Summer '14 (API version 31.0) 31.0
  • Spring '14 (API version 30.0) 30.0
  • Winter '14 (API version 29.0) 29.0
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Introducing Chatter REST API

Available in: All editions except Personal Edition. In addition, some features require Chatter to be enabled for the organization.

Use Chatter REST API to display Salesforce data, especially in mobile applications. Chatter REST API responses are localized and structured for presentation. You can filter responses so they contain only what the app needs. In addition to Chatter feeds, users, groups, and followers, Chatter REST API provides programmatic access to files, recommendations, topics, notifications, purchasing, and more. Chatter REST API is similar to APIs offered by other companies with feeds, such as Facebook and Twitter, but it also exposes Salesforce features beyond Chatter.