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As users of the Internet, we're all familiar with the fascinating, innovative, creative, and sometimes silly ways in which it has changed how we work and play. From social networking sites to wikis to blogs, and more, it’s exciting to watch the innovations taking place that are changing the ways we communicate and collaborate.

While these changes have certainly impacted how we work with content, a similar set of Internet-driven ideas and technologies is changing how we build and work with business applications. While yesterday's business applications required thousands, if not millions, of dollars and sometimes years of professional services help to set up and customize, the technologies offered by the Internet today make it much easier to create, configure, and use business applications of all kinds. Indeed, the power of the Internet has given us the ability to solve new kinds of business problems that, because of complexity or cost, had previously remained out of reach.

Just as the changes that moved publishing technology from paper to bits made it possible for us to have information about anything in the whole world right at our fingertips, the changes in application technology make it similarly possible to imagine a robust, enterprise-class application for almost any business need. Sound pretty good? Then you're probably wondering: “What's the magic that makes this possible?”