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Salesforce Fields Reference

This is a list of the standard fields for the major objects in Salesforce. For details about using each object, see the Salesforce online help. For more technical details, see the SOAP API Developer's Guide.

Fields display in a variety of places in the Salesforce user interface, including page layouts, related lists, search layouts, list views, and reports. For the majority of the fields, you can also use them as merge fields within custom formula fields, Visualforce pages, custom links, and custom buttons. Merge fields serve as placeholders for data that will be replaced with information from your records, user information, or company information. For more information about using merge fields, see “Merge Fields Overview” in the Salesforce online help.

Depending on your organization settings and Salesforce Edition, some of these fields may not be available. Not all fields have information in every column. For example, a picklist field does not have a length or precision. The columns in the following tables include:
Field Label How the field is displayed in the user interface in areas such as record detail pages, search results, and list views.
API Field Name The name of the field, as represented in the SOAP API.
Type Indicates the data type of a field. With the exception of boolean and division, the types refer to standard Salesforce data types, such as number or picklist.

A boolean data type is represented within Salesforce as a checkbox.

A division data type is used for the Division picklist available to organizations that have enabled divisions.

Note that Lookup fields are both manually assigned and system-generated references to other records. Not all of the Picklist fields listed below have values that can be modified.

For more information on data types, see Primitive Data Types in the SOAP API Developer's Guide.

Length The maximum number of characters in the field. For example, the Shipping Zip/Postal Code has a length of 20. You cannot set it to a value longer than 20 characters.
Precision The precision describes the order of magnitude for the field, in other words, the complete length of the number, including digits both to the left and right of the decimal point.

For example, 10234.56 has a precision of seven, five for the numbers to the left of the decimal place and two for the numbers to the right.

Note that this is different from the Length value in number fields in Salesforce. The Length is the number of digits to the left of the decimal place.


The scale is the number of digits used to describe the fractional value of the field, in other words, the number of digits to the right of the decimal place. A scale of two means that two digits to the right of the decimal place will be displayed.