Configure a Storefront Hostname

Configure a custom storefront URL that lets Customer Service Center open the storefront and 'browse on behalf of' the customer. The Storefront host name is instance-specific.

  1. Assign a unique domain (host name) for Customer Service Center. It must be different than the Business Management instance URL but must resolve to the same IP address as the Business Manager instance.

  2. Select Administration > Sites > Manage Sites > Business Manager.

  3. To add the domain name to the allowed host names list, click the Hostnames tab, add the unique domain name host name allowlist, and then click Apply. For example, you could enter ''.

    You also must edit the /etc/hosts file to point to this domain in Business Manager.

  4. To set the Storefront Hostname as the domain name, select Merchant Tools > site > Site Preferences > Customer Service Center and add the domain name, for example, '', in the Storefront Hostname field.

  5. To create a host name alias for your custom URL, select Merchant Tools > site > Site URLs > Aliases.

    • A host name alias is required to create short, meaningful URLs for external search engines to index. Assign at least one host name alias that is the current host name on which the instance is running.
  6. On the Alias page, set the host name alias for the Customer Service Center site. For example,

    • The Storefront button is enabled in Customer Service Center. When you click Storefront, a new tab opens with the customer as the logged-in user and doesn't log out the user from a Business Manager or Customer Service Center session.