Custom Actions

Customer Service Center supports custom actions with a Business Manager extension cartridge.

  • A controller represents each action
  • The cartridge must be added to the BM cartridge path
  • Every action is secured with a permission in the Customer Service Center permissions tab in the Roles & Permissions view.

Customizable actions can be registered for CSC UI pages:

  • Customer
  • Basket
  • Order

The actions are registered with a bm_extensions.xml file.

  • Every action is represented with a MenuAction of type CSC
  • The menupath determines the page that the action is assigned. The following menu paths are supported.
    • customer action is registered for the customer page
    • basket action is registered for the basket page
    • order action is registered for the order page
  • All custom actions can be localized

The following is an example bm_extensions.xml file: