Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center module lets you create and search for orders and customers as well as view order and some customer data. You can also customize Customer Service Center behavior and appearance to meet your business needs.

Customer Service Center is turned off by default. All users (including administrators) must have permissions set in Business Manager to be able to use the Customer Service Center module.

Depending on your permission, this module lets you:

  • Search for orders
  • Create orders, including:
    • Adjust prices on individual items, shipping cost, or entire orders
    • Enter coupon code to apply to a new order
    • Specify shipping and billing address
    • Search for products and refine the quantity in an order
  • Search for customers
  • Create customers
  • Create an order for a customer
  • View a customer's orders
  • View and modify customer data

You can also customize Customer Service Center to modify the behavior and appearance of its business logic and user interface.

  • Business logic, through Shop API hooks. For example, payment processing or hosted payment pages customization
  • Areas of the CSC UI by modifying the JSON for those areas in Business Manager

You can use existing B2C Commerce capabilities and integrations in Customer Service Center using B2C Commerce Soap APIs and Open Commerce API (OCAPI) hooks. For example, Payment Service Providers and Order Calculation.