Export Active Data

Active data doesn't need to be exported to be added to other instances. It’s always collected from the Production instance and automatically uploaded to any instance that uses it. Active data is only exported for extra analysis or reporting outside Salesforce B2C Commerce.

Exported active data files can't be reimported onto the same instance. It fails validation. However, you can upload and import the .csv file onto a Sandbox system for further analysis.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Active Data > Import & Export.

  2. On the Import & Export page, click Download.

  3. Click a file link to open it.

    The file has the following format:

    • First line is empty.
    • Second line contains the type of active data, either Product Active Data or Customer Active Data.
    • Third line contains column headers, which are the attribute IDs for the data included in the file.
    • Remaining lines contain active data values. The attribute value formats match the formats used for active data import.